Mommy Dentists in Business was started June of 2017 by Dr. Grace Yum, while on a business trip with her husband. She noticed how lawyers connected and networked with one another and felt that dentistry was missing that component of comradery. The Facebook group was a way to connect dentists from all over the world, especially dentists like herself, moms that are business owners.

Who We Are:

Mommy Dentists in Business is a group of moms that are dentists. Most of us are business owners and recognize that we are leaders responsible for our team. We value time with our family and being mothers and understand that it takes a village to be successful. We are here to support one another and share not only our ideas and resources, but our successes and struggles as well.



The mission of Mommy dentists in Business is to provide a community of doctors that have an intimate space in which to find support in all aspects of being a mother, dentist, and a business owner (and future owner).


regional chapters:

After joining our Mommy Dentists in Business Facebook group of over 8,000 members, be sure to join your local MDIB chapter to network with other nearby Mommies!

If you would like to learn more about starting an MDIB chapter in your area please email member services