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Largest Niche Online Dental Community for Moms

Mommy Dentists in Business is a group of moms that are dentists. Most of us are business owners and recognize that we are leaders responsible for our team. We value time with our family and being mothers and understand that it takes a village to be successful. We are here to support one another and share not only our ideas and resources, but our successes and struggles as well.

Mommy Dentists in Business was started June of 2017 by Dr. Grace Yum, while on a business trip with her husband. She noticed how lawyers connected and networked with one another and felt that dentistry was missing that component of comraderie. The Facebook group was a way to connect dentists from all over the world, especially dentists like herself, moms that are business owners.

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Become a Sponsor today! We are a group of mombosses who share best practices and support one another in our journey as entrepreneurs and moms.

This website is a central hub for our members to find webinars, events, podcasts, and discounts to our many participating vendors.

“The Mommy Dentists has been such a fun group for us to work with ! We love to see women empowering women and I’m glad SDI was able to partner with this amazing group of Mom Bosses ! I can’t wait until we can get back to live events, the Social Summit was one of the best dental events we have ever attended.”
Kelly Clery

Our Vision

The vision of Mommy Dentists in Business is to create and nurture a membership platform that can provide services such as educational platforms through the podcast, webinar series, and live events by involving experts in the industry alongside dental and non dental vendors to bring value to doctors’ lives.

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" The Works "

I want to be a part of it all! This package includes a full season of our podcast, two webinars, a social media campaign, website placement, newsletter advertisement and flyers, and two live events, 2 regional meetings and an MDIB Learning center event.


" The Best Of "

I want the highlights! This package includes one full season of our podcast, one webinar, a social media campaign, quarterly newsletter ad placement and two live events.


" Let's Give it a Try "

I want to get a taste of the MDIB community! This package includes one half season of our podcast, one webinar, a social media campaign, and two live events.

"Not only did we have a great time at the summit, it was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone in NOLA. We loved meeting the attendees and we learned a lot from the speakers. Excited for the next summit!"
Paul Edward
CEDR HR Solutions


Our team is growing, and we are always here for you.

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