IndepenDENT Solutions

Uh oh, you’re not a member of MDIB yet and can’t take advantage of all that IndepenDENT Solutions has to offer. Read on to see why you should join today!

What is IndEpenDENT Solutions (IDS)

IndepenDENT Solutions (“IDS”) is an Independent Dental Collaborative created on behalf of independent dentists to leverage the members’ collective buying power in order to drive down the cost of supplies, lab, capital equipment and much more. This allows private practicing dentists to stay independent and receive all the same benefits of corporate dental groups.

• We are a mission-driven movement to unify the independent dental market.
• Our goal is to help private practice dentists not only survive…. but thrive!
• We are member-driven, members set the priorities
• Our model is FREE

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Why MDIB partnered with IDS


“I partnered with MDIB so that mommy dentists can feel empowered and be treated as business women on an even playing field. Partnering with IDS gives us the opportunity to help make our practices run efficiently with the right support staff behind us.”

– Dr. Grace Yum DDS Founder, MDIB


The Value IDS Brings to MDIB

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15 – 60% Off Merchandise & Capital Equipment

Through IDS contracted partners:

  • Midway Dental
  • Komet
  • Kettenbach
  • DMG
    More Coming Soon!


Discounted Overhead Reduction Initiatives

Services & Solutions include:

  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Employee Health Benefits
  • Special Financing/Student Loans
  • IT Services
    More Coming Soon!


$75* Zirconia Crowns

& Other discounted lab services

*$55 with scanner purchase


10 – 20% Office Supplies

& Other discounted print services


Become an Official MDIB Member to get all the above, plus…


1% Annual Rebate*

on Merchandise Purchases

Exclusive Promotions

(ie. Special DMG ICON Pricing)

Priority Access to MDIB Events

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How to Join

  1. If you are interested in becoming an Official MDIB Member, visit our MEMBERSHIP PAGE
  2. Become an IDS Member and start taking advantage of the savings and services. Visit INDEPENDENT SOLUTIONS
(Need more information about IDS, please contact Sue Van Veghel, Member Experience Manager, at