April Newsletter 2022

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Positive Signs for a Successful 2022 for Dental Practice Owners

The last couple of years have been quite the wild ride. Just as it seemed the dental world was working its way out of the COVID-19 mess, then came the delta and omicron variants.

The good news is, the uncertainty hasn’t kept people out of the dental chair. In fact, many practices, regardless of specialty, have been booming since the recovery started to really gain steam in early 2021. The bad news, though is that as dental offices have filled up, nationwide staffing shortages and supply chain disruptions have made taking full advantage of the positive influx of patients difficult.

Mix in a healthy dose of profit-robbing inflation, and it’s no wonder why dental practice owners aren’t necessarily feeling optimistic about what 2022 will bring.Cain Watters & Associates (CWA) Financial Planner and CPA Brittany Frazier has a much better feeling about what 2022 has in store.

“The dental industry has been through the ringer these last 2 years, but we survived, and even thrived,” says Brittany. “We have the blueprint for how to navigate a pandemic, which honestly might be the biggest reason to be optimistic of all.”

Pandemic-proofing prowess aside, Brittany sees three other reasons to be optimistic as the year goes on.

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