Sapna Amin-Makan An amazing group of intelligent and supportive women who provide some of the best real world advice for any mommy Dentist in their stage of career! It’s on my daily list of reads because I always learn something!

Maria Ouazzani My english is bad (so you can edit my mistakes, my french is better The group gave me the chance to feel that I am a member of a community. A wonderful one, that help you even with the craziest questions. Members are always ready to give you advices, good CE, recommendation, plus we even get discount codes, …
It helps us go through the day, we can vent… Plus it push us as women to become the best version of ourselves.


Kristi Coulombe Judgement free zone. It has allowed me to ask without fear of being judged for not knowing. Awesome advise from smart, knowledgeable, helpful, and most of all supportive colleagues.


Roopam Garg This group is all about us women solving each others issues from personal to professional ,from hair to feet, from having a good day to worse day in life, as well as husband and kid problems. Theres no shaming and always honest advice. I don’t even think twice before asking for recommendations as I know I will have a friend somewhere who will read this and help me out .


Wendy Xue “This group is like a breath of fresh air. In a profession that has traditionally been a “boys club,” a sisterhood has been established, and I am so grateful for the love, support and honesty!”


Morgan DG (Morgan and 65 others are consistently creating meaningful discussions with their posts.) Before MDIB, there were a lot of days that I struggled with being a new practice owner, dentist, and a new mom. Once I discovered MDIB, I felt so relieved to know that there are so many amazing women who are going through the same things! MDIB has been the BEST place for me to turn for advice and support and I don’t know where I would be without this group!


Deepika Ganne Wonderful group of amazing, intelligent women who give their honest opinions on all aspects of our complex lives and support each other.
Truly, a ‘sisterhood’!


Leslie Butler In a world that is still difficult for a woman entrepreneur to be a part of, it is so nice and refreshing to have the love, support, and advice from women who’ve been there and done that before. It’s a great group of women, here to support each other. Did I mention the amazing relationships that I have found within this group? Friends that I know I will have for life. Thank you for forming this group Grace.


Susy Inoue Cheng MDIB has been my safe haven! A place without judgment, where we all feel part of, where we share respect, admiration, and support for any kind of struggle. I am grateful to be part of this cohesive group of smart women! A true sisterhood! The kind of we all needs in life!


Rachelle Elliott This group has saved my life. The support, the laughter, the ideas. I honestly can’t live without it. Thank you 💗💗💗


Malak Tarek The ladies said it all, but really it’s too hard to find someone who can really understand my daily struggle as a dentist and a mumy, but here I found the best support ever no judgment no blaming, now this is the first place I come when I need to talk.


Jeanette MacLean Budd An amazing group of supportive women that understand me and my struggles as a dentist, business owner, and mom, better than anyone else possibly could. It’s like a ‘virtual’ study club, support group, and sorority all rolled into one! Love it!


Sveta Konfino-Shapiro I love all the tips, feedback, intros to new products, and just the general non-judge mental and extremely helpful vibe of this group. Happy to have joined.