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MDIB Boston Social Summit 2023

Join us in 2023!

Our team is excited to announce our fifth Annual Social Summit, which will be hosted in Boston!

Event Details

October 13TH & 14TH, 2023

Friday, Oct. 13th, 2023

Saturday, oct. 14TH, 2023

The Westin Copley Place Boston
10 Huntington Ave. 
Boston,MA 02116

Join the MDIB Social Summit Boston 2023

Ticket Pricing:
  • Vegas Social Summit Special Ticket Pricing $1,599


  • OMDIB Ticket $1,899


  • General Admission $2,199

*Tickets are non-refundable*

You are able to transfer your ticket up until June 30, 2023. After this date, we will not accept additional transfers. Please email with any questions.

Hotel Information:

Welcome MDIB to theBoston Social Summit! We are excited for our 5th Live Annual Summit!

Make sure to book early and take advantage of the MDIB special rates we have negotiated for you. These discounted rates will also apply to room nights outside the meeting block!  

Purchase your Vegas Social Summit T-Shirt!

Order your official Vegas Social Summit t-shirt today, we will not be selling them at the event so make sure to order today! 
Deadline for t-shirt orders is August 1st!

Purchase Ticket for Thursday Night Happy Hour!

Join us for Happy Hour on Thursday, October 13th from 5:00-7:00pm!

Register here for morning Yoga!

Join us Friday, October 14th at 6:00am for Morning Yoga with Dr. Josie Dovidio!
We are limited to 40 tickets for this event. You will receive a Yoga mat which is included in your registration. 

Register for our Saturday Breakout Sessions!

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Dr. Sandy Shih & Dr. Janice Liao

The Bioclear Method for Black Triangles

As strong and empowered Mommy DIBS, we all strive to be better leaders and business professionals by using new and innovative tools, but we find ourselves stuck using the same techniques like implants and computer assisted ceramics. Direct composites can offer a compelling minimally invasive alternative that will meet patients’ needs and exceed their expectations. The Bioclear Method allows you to create predictable repeatable outcomes that look natural when using composite. Esthetic treatments including diastema closure, black triangle closure, Class II, III and IV composite restorations are just the start of what can be done with the increasingly popular Bioclear Method. In this break out session, you will be introduced to the benefits of Bioclear, practice techniques on soft tissue dentiforms, and come away with the basic skills and understanding needed as a precursor to performing the Bioclear Method for patients. You’ll perform a Black Triangle restoration and learn about Class II restorations using the Bioclear Method.

This is a hands-on course!


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berlin.portrait 2 (1)

Dr. Marvin Berlin

Making Dental Photography Simple

Marvin Berlin, DDS, FAGD, will present a thorough understanding of all aspects and benefits of dental photography and how to best incorporate capturing photos of all your patients. He will also provide hands-on training in conjunction with Lester Dine so you walk away with the knowledge to immediately implement this with your patients.

This is a hands-on course!

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FINAL-105 (1) (1)

Dr. Len Tau

Good Reviews / Bad Reviews: How To Get More Good Reviews and Handle The Bad Ones!

Word of mouth has always been the foundation for the acquisition of new patients by a dental practice but in our internet age, word of mouth is transformed because of reviews sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Online reviews are now one of the biggest ranking factors in a local search and you need to acquire them In this seminar, Dr. Tau shares numerous tips and best practices to not only become credible by generating more new one but how to handle it when a patients leaves you that dreaded one star review. A perfect dental practice isn't one with perfect reviews, it is one that deals with reviews and feedback perfectly. He will also discuss the system that has been tried and tested in his own office enabling him to take his practice to the next level simply by marketing his reputation.

This course is FREE at request of Birdeye!

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Thank You To Our Sponsors

Event Speakers to be Announced!

Course Title:
Oral cancer – a focus on prevention
Course Description:

Preventing squamous cell carcinoma should be a goal of all oral health care professionals. This course will provide general dentists with information regarding the oral potentially malignant disease and oral cancer. Topics discussed in depth will include leukoplakia.

Course Objectives:
  • Discuss potentially malignant disorders of the oral cavity, specifically leukoplakia  
  •   Determine an appropriate treatment plan for patients with leukoplakia
  • Discuss other ways in which oral potentially malignant disorders present
Updated Headshot

Dr. Ashley Clark

Dr. Ashley Clark is a board-certified oral pathologist currently serving as the Vice President of CAMP Laboratory in Indianapolis, Indiana after a nearly decade-long career serving as an oral pathologist in academia. She is on the Professional Board for Oral Cancer Cause and Digital Dental Notes and the Advisory Board for General Dentistry. Dr. Clark has won several teaching awards, has provided over 100 continuing education courses, and has authored more than 40 publications and book chapters. She is a member of both the American and International College of Dentists. For a free biopsy kit, please email

Course Title:
Lie to me
Course Description:

We have created a life building up other people: our patients towards smiling more, our team members into growing more and our families into being loved more.  Yet, when it comes to building up who we are or taking credit for how far we’ve come we have chosen to tear ourselves apart. We lie to ourselves, calling ourselves fat, weak, ugly, inferior, less-than… and the list goes on. We’ve convinced ourselves that we work too much, or too little, parent too much or not enough, are too frugal or spend money without limit.

Changing how we view ourselves may seem as simple as changing our mindset and our viewpoint; yet, if it were in fact that simple, we’d all be leading into a healthier relationship with ourselves. With scientific studies to back, and a lot of world experience, this hour will ignite within us a journey towards a less tainted self-actualization. This course will lead us:

Course Objectives:
  • To understand how we’ve created a circle of lying to ourselves as a way of negotiating self- growth
  • To understand how we can disassemble those lies and lean towards truth
  • To understand how we can choose what to believe and how it can lead us towards a lighter, more joyful life.
Augustyn (1)

Dr. Maggie Augustyn

Dr. Maggie W. Augustyn is a practicing general dentist and author. She has the distinguished honor of being voted “America’s Best Dentist” and “America’s Top Dentists” based on superior training, experience, continuing education and commitment to excellence. She completed her formal dental education earning a doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Prior to that, she was awarded two Bachelor’s degrees (UIC and Benedictine University). Immediately post graduation she completed the course sequence at the renowned Dawson Academy’s continuum in oral equilibration and cosmetic dentistry. She’s completed hundreds of hours of continuing education in areas spanning orthodontics, implantology, periodontics, prosthodontics well as cosmetic dentistry, and continue to do so every year. Benedictine University award her the Rising Star Award (2015) presented to an alumnus who has made considerable strides in their career and has demonstrated dedication to philanthropic endeavors. Dr. Augustyn has a strong social media presence in dental circles, and has an average of 20 publication per year in journals such as Dentistry Today and Dental Economics. She is a frequent contributor to Dental Entrepreneur Woman, as well. She has also been featured on various podcasts bringing attention to wellness, the importance of authenticity and burnout in dentistry. She’s a mentor to young dentists and a motivational speaker around the country.

Course Title:
Modern Maternity Leave
Course Description:

 Learn how proactive leave management and up-to-date leave policies both protect and promote your business.

Course Objectives:
  • Maternity leave policy basics

  • Common return to work issues, including extensions and pumping requests

  • How to use parental and maternity leave as a recruitment and retention tool

Grace01(web) (1)

Grace Godlasky

Grace has been with CEDR Solutions for eight years. She is currently CEDR’s Solution Center Manager. Prior to managing the Solution Center, she served as both a Solution Center Advisor and as a Compliance Officer with CEDR. Her favorite area of HR is paid leave laws.

Grace graduated cum laude from Georgia State University’s School of Law. Prior to attending law school, Grace received her paralegal certificate from Emory University and worked as a paralegal for a large law firm in Atlanta, GA. She recently received her Diversity & Inclusion certificate from Stanford Business School. She currently lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband and three children.

Course Title:
Patient Bullying in the Dental Setting
Course Objectives:
  • Learn how to de-escalate a situation and provide tools for your team to de-escalate a situation 
  • Learn how to handle negative reviews 
  • Learning when to call your malpractice insurance and getting the malpractice attorney involved 
  • How to handle a threat of a lawsuit
Lipkis headshot (1)

Aimee Lipkis

Aimee Lipkis is an equity partner at Cray Huber Horstman Heil & VanAusdal LLC focusing her trial practice almost exclusively on defending medical professionals. She has extensive experience in complex medical and professional negligence cases having defended a vast array of medical professionals at depositions, mediations, and jury trials.  Coming from a family of physicians, she understands how the reputation of the medical professional can be impacted by claims of malpractice and she has helped defend the reputations of hundreds of physicians and healthcare providers including, but not limited to, internists, neonatologists, anesthesiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, infectious disease specialists, dentists, podiatrists, and nurses. Aimee’s practice also includes advising medical providers in professional liability avoidance techniques. Her detailed record reviews, knowledge of the medicine, discovery and trial skills, legal strategy and fierce personality have resulted in successful resolutions of attacks against her clients

Course Title:
Leveling up with Laser Dentistry
Course Description:

Join Dr. Katie To as she shows how to get amazing results with everyday dental procedures with Laser Dentistry.  Laser Dentistry has been a game changer in her fee for service practice. Not only will you distinguish yourself in this competitive market, but you will also find laser dentistry is a way to attract more patients, increase profit, and practice with more satisfaction. After successfully implementing laser dentistry in her own practice, she is now teaching laser dentistry to other dentists and teams. 

Course Objectives
  • What is Laser Dentistry and what you need to know about the laser unit. 

  • How it works in everyday practice.

  • How Dentists can implement it and grow their practice to the next level.

medium_websize_IMG_0312 Dr To (1)

Dr. Katie To

Dr. Katie is a biological and cosmetic dentist and the owner of The Center for Integrated Wellness and Cosmetic Dentistry in Katy, Texas. As the only SMART certified dentist in Katy, safe patient care is a top priority. Her industry knowledge includes dental ozone therapy, biological dental surgery, cosmetic dentistry techniques and clinical nutrition. Within each area of expertise, biocompatible and nontoxic approaches are selected. 

While the practice specializes in biological dentistry, Dr. Katie’s team places equal importance on proper nutrition, posture, sleep, mindset, and emotional wellness. She personalizes all dental materials, techniques, and procedures to maximize optimal wellness for each patient. This attention to detail extends to her work in cosmetic dentistry. As a Digital Smile Design (DSD) clinic, Dr. Katie uses cutting-edge technology to transform smiles and build confidence. 

After graduating summa cum laude from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Science in biology, Dr. Katie pursued dentistry. She studied at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) with distinction in research and multiple awards in cosmetic dentistry upon graduation. Following this season of life, she married her husband, Dr. Bar Nguyen, and they traveled the world together. Since the birth of her son, Bailey, Dr. Katie actively seeks balance between her career and personal life as she embraces motherhood and a fulfilling career. She encourages others to seek harmony within their own lives by challenging her team to set and reach personal wellness goals each year. Dr. Katie’s most recent ambition includes training toward certification as a yoga instructor.

Course Title:
Coming Soon!
Course Description:

The typical dentist earns more than three times the average American. So if that’s the case, why are dentists retiring, on average, 7 years later than the average American? As dedicated professionals working with dentists for nearly 15 years, our team at Dentist Advisors has found that there are five distinct reasons dentists have a harder time retiring at an earlier age. In this course, we’ll explore these pitfalls and discuss practical tips to avoid them, so you can take your next steps toward financial confidence.

Course Objectives:

  • Gain awareness of common hurdles dentists face when preparing for retirement
  • Learn practical ways to avoid and proactively counter these hurdles
  • Discover how to calculate and track your net worth, and why doing so regularly matters
  • Understand how your annual spending impacts your ability to make work optional 
  • Feel empowered to take your next steps toward financial confidence
AmandaBateman (3)

Amanda Bateman

Amanda has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Liberty University and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with a deep understanding of investment strategies and the holistic nature of effective planning. Her financial career began in 2008 and was honed by her experience as an advisor for high net worth clients at Vanguard. At Dentist Advisors, Amanda gives her top-tier institutional experience a personal touch as she helps dentists implement investment plans and overall wealth-building strategies.

Course Title:
Discovering how to get out of PPOs forever while increasing the fulfillment, practice profitability and take more time off with your family
Course Description: Coming Soon!

DO YOU KNOW THE VALUE OF EACH PATIENT TYPE IN YOUR PRACTICE? The difference in value from your cash patients, to membership club patients and your insurance patients? Often times you could be hemorrhaging cashflow and don’t even know it because they’re not the same value, not even close. How’ s your “INTERNAL BRAND” that guides you TO DO WHAT YOU DO, not what you say you do? I’m not talking about a logo or marketing tagline, rather an internal brand that drives you and your team to increase your referrals because your patients have something to talk about. Just like Four Season Hotels. When you visit a Four Seasons, they give you something to talk about and you are willing to spend much more per stay because of the experience you had during the stay. During this session, John will provide an objective framework to dramatically increase your patient value, bring brand loyalty, how to increase profitability and focus / attract the ideal patients to bring more fulfillment in your practice (and take off more time too).

Course Objectives: Coming Soon!

Identify the core reasons what makes you come alive each day and how to

increase those ideal days which will bring more fulfillment in your practice.

Discover how to transition your practice from a busy, chaotic practice to a busy, fulfilling practice that brings you joy each day —- while making more revenue as well!. It’s not as hard as you think. Understand how to bring your entire team on the journey with you instead of you trying to “pull the ship with a rope.”


John Riley

John Riley has been a part of Dental Revolution since 2002. Since then he has used his expertise to help top clinical dentists take their practices to a whole new level and help them achieve dream-realizing results. For dentists that have partnered with Dental Revolution, the relationships they have had with John have often spanned decades revealing his passion for dentistry, growth, and friendship.
John lives in Eugene, Oregon with his beautiful family who love to participate in their local community with various charities like “Wake the World” a Christian boating ministry that gives foster children the opportunity to boat, surf, and swim with a group of wakeboard boat enthusiasts during the summer months inspiring many in the dental community to get involved along the way.  


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