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Become an Official Member today! We are a group of mombosses who share best practices and support one another in our journey as entrepreneurs and moms.

This website is a central hub for our members to find webinars, events, podcasts, and discounts to our many participating vendors.

Let's Break It Down

F. A.Q.s

Answers for membership, accounts and sponsorships.

Annual Conferences

Visit us and network away while learning and meeting your online friends in person!
"In a world that is still difficult for a woman entrepreneur to be a part of, it is so nice and refreshing to have the love, support, and advice from women who’ve been there and done that before. It’s a great group of women, here to support each other. Did I mention the amazing relationships that I have found within this group? Friends that I know I will have for life. Thank you for forming this group Grace."
Dr. Leslie Butler
Villa Park, IL

True Benefits For You and Your Team

Our Membership offers many benefits that will bring value to your and your team!


One of the top reasons why our Facebook community thrives is because of our global network! We have doctors all over the world that connect on social media. The majority of our group is based in the United States, but we also have a large Canadian sisterhood. We often refer our patients to one another for emergencies and relocations. We also network with our dental industry leaders who bring us education and great offers!

Annual Events

Our most famous event is the “Social Summit”, which began in Chicago 2018 with 100 mommy dentists! The following year, we had a tremendous event in New Orleans with 200 mommy dentists who also brought team members. We all know what happened in 2020, but that is a short set back, as we held our third Social Summit in Dallas in October 2021! In 2022 we went to Las Vegas, then held our Social Summit in Boston for 2023! Our annual summit is wildly attended and known to be one of the best dental meetings in the industry!

Live Webinars

Join us two to three times a month for our highly attended webinars! Our speakers are requested by the members of our Facebook group and present useful and practical information you can bring back to your office. We offer clinical information as well as practice management. We are accredited by the AGD/PACE association.

Self-Study CE

Discover a library of recorded webinars that you can watch in the comfort of your own home! Take the course evaluation and a quiz and download your CE certificate on the spot! Also, exclusive access to our growing catalog of Podcast CE episodes. Earn CE on the go!

Events + Giveaways

Invitation to participate in exclusive events and giveaways. Previous events include champagne tastings and private gourmet culinary sessions, as well as giveaways from Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Gucci, Chloe, Kendra Scott, Williams Sonoma and more!

Discounts + Promotions

Login and peruse our myriad of partners who are offering generous discounts to our members! We have dental and non dental partners. Your membership pays for itself!

"An amazing group of supportive women that understand me and my struggles as a dentist, business owner, and mom, better than anyone else possibly could. It’s like a ‘virtual’ study club, support group, and sorority all rolled into one! Love it!"
Dr. Jeanette MacLean Budd
Glendale, AZ

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