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Our team is excited to announce our Third Annual Social Summit, which will be hosted in Irving, Texas.

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October 15 + 16, 2021


The Westin Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas
400 West Las Colinas Boulevard
Irving, TX 75039


To attend this event you must show proof of vaccination, if you are not vaccinated please contact our team at

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Dallas Social Summit Schedule

* Attendees will earn 8.5 CE credits for both days

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Event Speakers

Course Title:
Essentials of Photography for the Esthetic Dentist: From Diagnostics to Color Communication
Course Description:

In order to plan and execute our esthetic vision for our patients predictably, photography is an
absolutely indispensable tool. Nowadays, the clinician must be comfortable with the basics of
digital dental photography to properly communicate with our laboratory technicians, our
patients, and our multidisciplinary team.

Course Objectives:

Dr. Sivan Finkel

Dr. Sivan Finkel practices general dentistry with a focus on esthetics at his practice, The Dental Parlour, in New York City. He earned his DMD degree from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, followed by a year-long residency at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, and two years of esthetics training at New York University’s College of Dentistry. A natural artist, while in college, Dr. Finkel majored in art alongside his pre-dental requirements, realizing that his two passions would go hand-in-hand. Today, this background in art guides each of his smile transformations. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Finkel served as the Education Director of NYU College of Dentistry’s Advanced Esthetics Continuing Education program (2013-18), and is currently an adjunct clinical instructor at NYU’s Advanced Program for International Dentists in Esthetic Dentistry. He has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, Fox News, and the Today Show as a dental expert, and has had his veneer work showcased in Allure magazine. Dr. Finkel lectures regularly to both local and international dental groups, and has authored several textbook chapters, most recently a dental photography chapter in the 2020 publication, Esthetic Oral Rehabilitation with Veneers.
Course Title:
The Rise of Women in Dentistry: The future is in you hands
Course Description:

We will look at women in dentistry from an historical prospective and analyze where we are today. We’ll look at the numbers for income practice ownership compared to our male colleagues and women in other professions.

We’ll then discuss strategies to improve our standing and prominence in our profession and skills that will help us become better leaders in our practices, organizations, and our communities.

Course Objectives:

Dr. Maxine Feinberg

Dr. Maxine Feinberg, a Cranford, New Jersey periodontist, was the third women to serve as President of the American Dental Association. Dr. Feinberg was the Fourth District Trustee to the ADA Board of Trustees and was the first women to serve as President of the New Jersey Dental Association. She served as a delegate in both the ADA and New Jersey Dental Association House of Delegates. Dr Feinberg was appointed to the New Jersey State Board of Dentistry where she served for 10 years, one term as President. She presently serves as an examiner for the Commission on Dental Competency Assessment.

While on the ADA Board she was the Liaison to the Council on Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations, Commission on Dental Accreditation, Council on Dental Benefit Programs. She Chaired the ADA Task Force on Student Debt. She serves as a Delegate to the FDI World Dental Congress where she has had an opportunity meet and learn from dentists all over the world. She initiated the New Jersey Give Kids A Smile campaign in 2002 and 2003 and was chair of the ADA Council on Members Insurance and Retirement Plans in 2007 and 2008. She was a recipient of NJDA’s Distinguished Service Award and Give Kids A Smile Pioneer Award.

Dr. Feinberg is a fellow in the American College of Dentists, the International College of Dentists and the Pierre Fauchard Academy. She was the 2017 recipient of the American Association of Women Dentists Lucy Hobbs Taylor Award, its highest honor. Presently she sits on the Boards of the N.J. Donated Dental Service/Dental Lifeline Network and the Gillette Hayden Memorial Foundation of the AAWD. A graduate of New York University and the New York University College of Dentistry, Dr. Feinberg has maintained a private periodontal practice for over 30 years in Union County, New Jersey. She resides in Westfield, New Jersey with her husband, John, and has two daughters, Haley 30 and Rebecca 25.

Course Title:
Posture, Myofunctional Therapy and Breathing Re-training
Course Description:

Attendees will be invited to participate in an interactive breathing, myofunctional therapy and postural exercise program focusing on oral posture, spinal posture and proper breathing mechanics taught by Dr. Jennifer Hobson, PT who specializes in the area of the head and neck, TMJ and breathing.   This course is a great introduction to airway health for your patients to improve snoring, sleep apnea, poor sleep, TMJ, head and neck tension and pain.

Course Objectives:

Dr. Jennifer Hobson

Dr. Jennifer Flage Hobson, PT, DPT, MTC, CFC, CMTPT
Jennifer Flage Hobson is a European-trained physical therapist; she earned her degree in physical therapy with an emphasis on manual therapy at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, The Netherlands.. Dr. Hobson earned a Manual Therapy Certification, Cranio-Facial (Rocabado) Certification, and Doctorate in Physical Therapy under the direction of the renowned New Zealand expert Dr. Stanley Paris at the University of St. Augustine, Florida. She received certification in Trigger Point Dry Needling, by the renowned Dr. Jan Dommerholt, through Myopain Seminars. Dr. Hobson has been instrumental in introducing this technique to the state of Illinois. Fluent in the Spanish language, Dr. Hobson continues to train and teach in Santiago, Chile, with Dr. Mariano Rocabado, a leading Cranio-Facial, TMJ, Neck and Spine rehabilitation expert.  Dr. Hobson is trained in Myofunctional therapy which enhanced her knowledge of restoring not only the head, neck and jaw, but also the tongue and its functions related to proper development of the mouth, teeth, and throat.  Dr. Hobson is a certified educator of Buteyko Breathing method (the simple idea of breathing volume reduction) through the instruction of Patrick McKeown, one of the few practitioners accredited by Professor K. P. Buteyko.  She is also working toward Dr. Lois Laynee’s Restorative Breathing Method certification.

Course Title:
From Burnout to Breakthrough, It Starts with You!
Course Description:

 If life in dentistry is not how you imagined it would be; if you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling, you’re not alone. This course will give you practical tools to take you from burnout to breakthrough.

It will have you rethinking how you do life, how you do work, how you do YOU.

Course Objectives:

Dr. Josie Dovidio

Dr. Josie Dovidio is a 1997 graduate of Northwestern University Dental School. She went on to serve as Chief Dental Resident at the VA Medical Center in Southern California where she also spent 22 years in private practice. She made the difficult decision to sell her practice as prolonged stress coupled with the physical impact of practicing dentistry began to affect her everyday life. She now helps dental professionals “undo” what dentistry does to the body, mind, and soul through her Yoga for Dentists community. A gluten-free, yoga enthusiast, she shares self-care tips on the Yoga for Dentists Facebook Group and Instagram. She also hosts a podcast for women called Josieology which is available on all podcast platforms. Drop her a line at

Course Title:
Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness
Course Description:

In this presentation Dr. Tim Bono will review some of his favorite studies from his popular course on the Science of Happiness and outline simple research-based strategies we can all incorporate into our lives to become just a little happier everyday. In particular, we’ll dispel some of the myths around the pursuit of happiness, and delve into the behaviors and mindsets that are capable of bringing sustainable gains in our day-to-day well-being.

Course Objectives

Dr. Tim Bono

Tim Bono is a Lecturer in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis where over the last decade, thousands of students have taken his courses on the Psychology of Young Adulthood and the Science of Happiness. He summarizes the research from those courses, along with how his students have put that information into practice in their own lives, in his recent book entitled, When Likes Aren’t Enough: A Crash Course in the Science of Happiness. His research and ideas also have been featured in a number of national media outlets including CNN, NBC News, and the Associated Press.

Course Title:
Preventing The Tooth Death Cycle: Why Prevention Is Our Best Weapon
Course Description:

In this course, Dr. Seibert will describe why nothing is
stronger and functions better than a natural, healthy tooth. Although
restorations, endodontic therapy or dental implants may be necessary and
indicated, she will explain some of the current shortcomings associated with
these interventions. She will then explain why preventative therapy can
intercept a patient’s tooth from going down the tooth death cycle. Finally,
she’ll explain preventative tools and therapies that can preserve natural teeth.

Dr. Melissa Seibert with P&G

Dr. Melissa Seibert is the creator and host of the Dental Digest Podcast and
CEO of Dental Digest LLC. In 2020 her podcast was awarded “Most
Educational Podcast in General Dentistry” and it reaches a global audience of
thousands of dentists. She is a dentist proudly practicing in the United States
Air Force. She received her Doctorate of Medicine in Dentistry at the
University of Louisville. Prior to that she received her Bachelors in Science and
commission as an Officer in the United States Air Force from the U.S. Air
Force Academy where she graduated in the top of her class. Dr. Seibert is a
graduate of the United States Air Force’s Advanced Education in General
Dentistry (AEGD). She is well trained in disciplines and procedures such as IV
sedation, complex third molar exodontia, digital dentistry workflow, limited
orthodontics, biomimetic dentistry, periodontal surgeries (such as crown
lengthening, flap osseous, guided tissue regeneration) and esthetic dentistry.
She is presently a resident dentist in the Air Force’s highly competitive
two-year AEGD.

In addition, she is a chief development officer for Cellerant Consulting Group, a faculty member at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, maintains a private practice in Salem, MA. She is an international lecturer and is extensively published. Her passion for prevention has stayed with her throughout her career and in 2010, Dr. Maragliano-Muniz was awarded the 2010 Adult Preventive Care Practice of the Year by the American Dental Association.

Course Title:
Tongue Ties: What's all the fuss about?
Course Description:

This lecture is designed to enhance dentist’s understanding of the impact that tongue ties can have on patients, including orthodontic-myofunctional connection and how the soft tissues of the orofacial complex may lead to malocclusion, TMD, headaches, and other problems. A review of current methods of clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment of pediatric tongue ties will be presented. Included in the lecture will be Case Studies demonstrating how to appropriately use reliable diagnostic criteria to screen pediatric patients, including infants, for this condition. The specifics of using lasers to properly treat tongue ties will be also discussed.

Dr. Piya Gandhi with LightScalpel

Dr. Piya Gandhi is a board-certified pediatric dentist specializing in treating infants and children with airway disorders including the diagnosis and treatment of tongue and lip tie.  Her passion for tethered oral tissue (TOTs) was born from her personal experience and struggles with her older daughter, Cyrah.  Dr. Gandhi’s goal is to avoid the same experience for her patients and their families. 

After finishing her pediatric dental residency, Dr. Gandhi pursued extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of tongue and lip tie.  She believes in a comprehensive treatment approach by using the Function First Model.  This allows treatment of tongue and lip tie(s) through therapy first, and avoiding unnecessary procedures when possible.   

Her team consists of a speech-language pathologist, pediatric chiropractor, myofunctional therapist, and international board-certified lactation consultant.  This allows the office to provide both comprehensive and convenient care.  

Dr. Gandhi is passionate about sharing her knowledge and conservative approach about Tethered Oral Tissue so she can better partner with other pediatric specialists.   Her goal is to bring awareness to the space and provide knowledge about appropriate treatment modalities. 

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