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Additive Manufacturing (3DP) in the Clinical Workspace


This Webinar, led by Dr. Mike Clark and CDT Jeremy Wohlers, will cover the benefits of 3D printing in the clinical dental space. It will include a high-level overview of additive manufacturing and the 3D printing workflow (design/nest/print/clean/cure/finish), and provide awareness on the numerous photopolymers (print resins) available in the dental market today. We will discuss and review the financial benefits of incorporating 3D printing into your daily production schedule, including a rapid ROI based on production volumes, and demonstrate how increasing efficiencies with 3DP can provide faster turnaround times and reduced chair time for patients  


Upon completion of this webinar, each participant will have a general knowledge and understanding of 3D printing and how additive manufacturing can increase practice revenues, reduce wait times for your patients, and drastically reduce production costs associated with expensive lab work. You will leave this session with an understanding of the complete 3DP workflow and what your practice would need to venture into the digital production of dental appliances.

Special Guest(s):

Dr. Mike Clark

Jeremy Wohlers, CDT

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