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Automation to Reduce Stress and Get Better Patient Outcomes


This course is designed for dentists who seek to streamline their practice operations and enhance patient experiences through automation. Led by a dentist, practice owner, and co-founder of Practice by Numbers, an innovative analytics and patient engagement software, this course delves into the transformative power of automation in dental offices. Participants will explore various areas of practice management that can be automated, including patient follow-ups, appointment reminders, payments, insurance verification, online scheduling, forms, and reputation management.


1. Understand the concept of automation and its potential impact on reducing stress and improving patient outcomes in dental practices.

2. Identify key areas within the dental practice that can benefit from automation, such as communication, appointment management, billing, and patient engagement.

3. Learn practical strategies for implementing automation solutions effectively within the dental office environment.

4. Recognize common challenges faced by dental offices, such as inefficient communication, subscription fatigue, and fragmented patient experiences, and explore how automation can address these challenges.

5. Develop skills in leveraging automation to enhance patient satisfaction, streamline workflow processes, and optimize practice efficiency.

By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to leverage automation effectively in their dental practices, leading to reduced stress, improved patient outcomes, and enhanced overall practice performance.

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Dr. Aditi Agarwal

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