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Ayurvedic Wellness for Busy Professionals


Ayurveda is a personalized approach to health and wellness. Although my clients usually come to me because of physical ailments, my approach and focus goes beyond their physical body, and deeper into their emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to identify the root cause and underlying factors impacting their health issues. Most people are unaware of the interplay of these four bodies and underestimate the impact of emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances on the physical body. Using a multi-dimensional approach, the science of Ayurveda addresses all four of these bodies to both treat and prevent disease. The science of Ayurveda focuses on health care rather than sick care, diet and nutrition, supplements, physical movement, spiritual practice (meditation and/or prayer), sleep, stress management, relationships, and life purpose.


You will learn how to:
• have more energy
• be happier
• be more focused
• eat better
• improve your digestion
• get high-quality sleep
• reduce stress
• feel more in control




** Our guest speaker Zeeba Khan is extending a special holiday offer for members of the MDIB group. A discount of up to $1,500 will be offered on packages through the end of February. **

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Zeeba Khan

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