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BUILDING A STORY-BASED WEB EXPERIENCE: Keys to a Web Experience that Engages Patients


Websites are constantly evolving and changing. What used to be a “digital brochure”
has now evolved into a web experience – the online version of your in-practice patient

Josh will walk audiences through the “Five Keys to Building a Story-Based Web
Experience” – a process designed to create an engaging web experience that engages
patients you’ve never met and authentically represents your practice. Discover how big
brands have been leveraging Story in their websites, see examples of real-life dental
practices that have implemented it and learn how you can build a truly remarkable
digital experience that impacts your community.


• Learn the difference between a website and a web experience.
• Discover how your practice values create the foundation for the narrative.
• See how custom photography sets your practice apart from others.
• Leverage video to create higher engagement and trust.
• Explore how responsive design adjusts seamlessly to mobile devices.
• Integrate digital communication tools for convenience and efficiency.

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Joshua Scott

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