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Building and Managing Wealth


This course, brought to you by the ADA Accelerator Series, will give you essential information to help you achieve financial well-being today, build a foundation of wealth for tomorrow and enjoy your future retirement when and how you plan for it! You’ll learn basic techniques to properly assess and effectively manage your finances and accumulation of wealth during your practice years while saving for retirement. The speakers will also cover the importance of establishing financial plan goals and strategies to help achieve short and long-term savings.

  • Understand the importance of wealth management and financial planning;
  • Understand the changing face of retirement and how factors such as life expectancy, inflation and investment strategy can impact one’s readiness for retirement; 
  • Learn how to create a financial plan with a retirement vision and clear strategy;
  • Understand the value and role of consulting with a licensed financial advisor in building a successful financial strategy to meet your goals


Special Guest(s):

Dr. Britany Matin, ADA CMIRP

Mr. Stephen Dunbar III, JD, CLU, executive vice president, Equitable Advisors

Mr. Santo LoPorto, senior director, Equitable

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