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How to Handle Bullies in the Dental Setting


Conflict can intrude on a dental office from many different sources.  While most offices will encounter a negative review or a sour employee, many are ill prepared in handling these situations and ensuring they are taking the appropriate steps, legally.  This course will host a panel of doctors who will share their own experiences with a “bully” in the dental setting and how they effectively managed the situation.  It will also host a legal professional who will advise on the best lawful practices for approaching a broad spectrum of bully situations.


1. Learn how to de-escalate a situation and provide tools for your team to de-escalate a situation
2. Learn how to handle negative reviews
3. Learning when to call your malpractice insurance and getting the malpractice attorney involved
4. How to handle a threat of a lawsuit

Special Guest(s):

Dr. Leslie Butler, Dr. Beth Poag, Dr. Melissa Scaggs

Grace Godlasky, Attorney at Law

Aimee Lipkis, Attorney at Law

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