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Discover 4 Keys to Predictable Success in the New Year (Part 2)


In this course, you’ll continue to discover how to truly develop a systematic plan to your practice to the next level in 2021. Increasing demand, improving retention, and ensuring desirable growth will all be addressed as means to achieve predictable success.

We’ve analyzed thousands of dental practices since 1995 and the average practice today is missing $297,000 in yearly profit (per dentist). And you wonder why you might have cashflow problems. We’ll share how to tap into your missing profit and make sure you’ll never be missing it again.

As a bonus in this session, John will provide an objective framework to dramatically increase conversion by keeping your future patients from seeking your competitors. If applied over time, your phone conversion (and case acceptance) could see a 20-30% increase in conversion rate.

  • Identify where you’re missing profit and how to tap into that cashflow
  • Discover how to increase your demand in the community
  • Systematically build a healthy “referral engine” that generates higher quality patients
  • Learn how to grade your marketing efforts to determine your next strategic steps
  • Take part in our live Q & A
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John Riley

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