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Silver Fluoride: A New Era of Caries Management


Managing restorative care for children and adolescents plays an important role in setting up children for a lifetime of oral health. Children and adolescents and face a wide variety of challenges related behavior and dental anxiety. This course will review treatment protocols for permanent teeth and primary teeth with dental caries using case-based learning. Specific focus will also be given to minimally invasive dentistry for young or anxious patients with an emphasis on the newest developments with silver diamine fluoride and silver fluoride.


-Determine treatment conventional and non-conventional options for primary and permanent teeth with dental caries
-Choose the appropriate restorative material to achieve optimal outcomes in the developing dentition
-Implement an office protocol for managing dental caries in pre-cooperative and uncooperative high caries risk children
-Utilize silver diamine fluoride for minimally invasive dentistry and indirect pulp therapy

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Dr. Jarod Johnson

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