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Increasing Production During Tough Economic Times While Decreasing Stress


Dentistry is undergoing a major transformation at a rapid pace and many changes are occurring in today’s complex dental environment. Staffing, the economy, the pandemic and many other factors are having a dynamic impact on the dental profession. In this innovative presentation Dr. Roger P. Levin will teach the systems you need to meet today’s challenges and allow you to reach the next level. He will provide an insightful, up-to-the-minute look at what is and isn’t working in today’s most successful dental practices.


During this presentation you will learn how to build a high performing practice and achieve high levels of production in an enjoyable and low stress environment. Dr. Roger Levin will provide the breakthrough strategies used by the highest producing practices in the country to grow production while lowering stress – all aimed at building future practice success!

  1. Identify the documented, proven, step-by-step systems that will immediately improve practice performance and production to position the practice for a strong future.
  2. Understand how those systems such as scheduling, doctor production, hygiene productivity, case presentation, insurance, overhead control, 5-Star Customer Service and other key practice success factors need to be upgraded to achieve superior performance.
  3. Identify the 7 Key Targets that every practice should meet to achieve success under any economic condition.
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Dr. Roger Levin

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