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The Single Unit Implant: Analog & Digital Restorative Workflows


As the restorative dentist dental implants, even a single unit, can sometimes pose a challenge. Dr. Taylor Manalili will walk the audience through the restorative base treatment planning process to help understand these challenges before they happen. She will provide a guide to restoring the single unit implant, discussing the clinical protocols for effectively capturing implant impressions, and review delivery day techniques to maintain healthy peri-implant hard and soft tissues.

  1. Discuss restorative implant options.
  2. Identify and prevent common mistakes when capturing both digital and analog implant impressions.
  3. Discuss seating of both screw-retained and cement-retained restorations.
  4. Review recommended cementation techniques for cement-retained restorations.
  5. Identify and compare various materials used in closing access channels.
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Dr. Taylor Manalili

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