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Generate New Patients While Increasing The Opportunity to Save Lives


“HPV 16, one of about 130 versions of the virus, is now the leading cause of oral cancer, and is found in about 70% of newly diagnosed patients.”   – CDC, 2022

HPV has been well understood for years as the leading cause of cervical cancer; However, among the medical and patient community it is still relatively unknown as the leading cause of oral cancer.  THIS TRANSLATES INTO OPPORTUNITY, ESPECIALLY FOR FEMALE DENTISTS.

As physicians of the oral cavity, dentists would love to (and should) get referrals from their medical colleagues to facilitate continuity of care with the purpose of partnering medical concerns with a dental condition, i.e., heart disease and periodontal disease.  For a variety of reasons (ignorance, lack of concern, time, disbelief, disdainful) this rarely happen.  There is one subject that provides an easier dental/medical connection than others – HPV infections.  Female dentists, OB/GYNs and female patients understand the link between HPV and cervical cancer.  By educating OB/GYNs and patients on the increased risk of HPV and oral cancer, there is a new opportunity to generate new patients and referrals from OB/GYNs in a way that can not only facilitate a closer physician to dentist relationship but can actually lead to saving lives.  This program will review new approaches to educate the medical community and prospective patients leading to practice growth and a new perspective regarding how dentistry should be perceived as a medical specialty.


Course Outline:

  1. Oral Cancer and understanding the new risks.
  2. VELscope Vx: the technology, application, and effectiveness.
  3. Process of communication with OB/GYNs that will lead to referrals and new patients.
  4. Implementation Practice Growth
    1. Marketing strategies
    2. Required tools for success
Special Guest(s):

Ebon Turner

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