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How to Build Treatment Focused Funnels that Double Case Acceptance & Increase Personal Time


In this webinar, Tom Brown will dive into how to build a funnel for the high value treatments that you want to do more of – and DOUBLE case acceptance. With a diverse background in sales and marketing, Tom will highlight how selling a service and case acceptance, when done correctly, are all about educating the consumer. Each of these processes require a passion for what you are doing and a willingness to put yourself out there to create a personal experience. This webinar is designed to transform your mindset from thinking case acceptance is an event to realizing that it is a process that begins when a patient first finds you online. Once this shift occurs, Tom will show you how simple it is to create this experience for your patients – while generating more personal time for you and your family.


Learning Objectives:
1. Recognize that selling a service in any industry is similar to case acceptance in the dental industry
2. Gain an understanding that case acceptance is not an event but rather a process
3. Learn how to build funnels for treatments you want to do more of
4. Learn how to automate the prequalification of patients to make the most of your chair time
5. Start authentically sharing who you are in your community

Special Guest(s):

Tom Brown

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