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Management of Complex Esthetic Cases

The esthetic-focused clinician must be prepared for not only the “slam dunk” straightforward cases that¬†walk into our offices, but also the more challenging cases where conditions are not ideal or previous dentistry has failed. Patient expectations can be very high, especially when we market ourselves as “esthetic experts,” and very often, being an expert means you are the last hope for a desperate patient. Achieving an acceptable solution may require us to think outside the box and rely on a combination of different materials and techniques. In this one hour lecture, Dr. Sivan Finkel will provide the treatment planning rationale and step by step execution of several such cases.
– principles of facially driven smile design
– material considerations, including the use of pink porcelain
– shade communication
– interdisciplinary collaboration and staging
– approaches to temporization
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Dr. Sivan Finkel

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