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OSHA & the CDC – Covid and beyond – What Practice Owners Need to Know


Covid has turned the dental world on its collective ear. Spend an hour with the author of the first (and perhaps only) OSHA Respiratory Protection Program designed specifically for dental practices during Covid. In addition to representing hundreds of dental practices in OSHA investigations over the last 12 years, Lee Slaton authored four new dental-specific training modules during Covid. Join Lee in a lively discussion of the interweaving interplay between OSHA and the CDC and how they affect the practice of dentistry. Far beyond the theoretical, this discussion will translate the regulations and recommendations into what happens in the real world, based on over 2,000 inspections of dental practices that Slaton and his team of Compliance Advisors have conducted.

Recommended Audience:  Practice Owners, OSHA Leads, Infection Control Coordinators


  1. Understand the roles of OSHA and the CDC
  2. How to keep abreast of the latest infection control information that affects your practice
  3. Understand the ramifications of ignoring OSHA standards and CDC recommendations
  4. Prognosticating – what the compliance landscape looks like down the road
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Lee Slaton

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