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Socket Grafting for the GP


Tooth loss affects about 120 million Americans and patients increasingly look towards dental implants to restore their smiles and function. General dentists play a crucial role in implant therapy, whether they take part in the surgical phase or solely focus on the restorative aspect. The way treatment options are presented will have a big influence on case acceptance. Furthermore, if the extraction is performed at the general dentist’s office, socket grafting is critical for predictable outcomes. Most patients prefer not to be referred out to a specialist and gladly accept treatment from their general provider. In this informative and engaging webinar, Dr. Jockin will discuss how to identify appropriate candidates and set up patients and doctors for success in their implant journey.



  • Describe how tooth loss affects bone volume over time
  • Confidently present replacement options to their patients
  • Detail all steps involved in socket grafting
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Dr. Sarah Jockin

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