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The $3M Startup


Is it possible to grow a dental startup practice from $0 to $3 million within the first twelve months? Discover the story of dental entrepreneur, Dr. Michael Pappas as he launches Grove City Smiles in the Columbus, Ohio area. Building an 18 operatory practice from scratch, he needed the help of a seasoned marketing partner to achieve his grand goal: a remarkable $3 million in revenue a mere 12 months after opening.

This course will break down the exact marketing strategies implemented pre-launch and documented all the way through the first 12 months of operation. Along the way, it will reveal challenges, adjustments and ultimately the mindset it takes to achieve remarkable growth.


● Explore the core marketing strategies that are proven to expedite revenue growth in the initial stages of a dental startup.
● Understand how to effectively work with a marketing partner in order to ensure rapid and sustainable growth.
● Discover why a consistent brand story is foundational to any successful marketing campaign.
● Find out why an assertive and well-planned marketing budget is crucial for strategic goals and long-term success.
● Understand the critical role of comprehensive digital ad campaigns in launching a new business.
● Explore the balance between how growth and capacity must be managed hand-in-hand in order to achieve goals.
● Learn how to create a dynamic marketing formula that can scale to meet the ever changing needs of the practice.
● Gain insight into the key mindsets needed to achieve remarkable growth and weather the competitive world of dental startups.

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Mike Sula, Sales Director at Studio EightyEight

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