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The Pediatric Endodontic Patient: Being Proactive Using Innovative and Conservative Pulpal Therapeutic Techniques After Trauma and Gross Caries


The pediatric endodontic patient poses a challenge both in patient management and the status of root development. Dr. Usman has a philosophy of proactive treatment versus waiting and watching which will minimize untoward sequelae such as infection and discoloration of the tooth as well as facilitate an optimum and conservative, long-term restorative solution. Starting with a thorough understanding of diagnosis and the role of frequent recall, she will demonstrate the management of various patients who have undergone trauma or have gross caries which threaten the premature loss of the permanent tooth. A review of diagnosis and the various spectrum of pupal therapeutic techniques from apexogenesis to indirect pulp capping, modified apexification, and regenerative treatments. The clinical uses of various materials such as MTA, Endosequence bioceramics, Biodentine calcium silicate cement and collagen containing materials which have been demonstrated to have applications, will be compared. Some interdisciplinary time-sensitive treatments will be discussed such as decoronation and autotransplantation which involve other specialists such as orthodontics and oral-maxillofacial surgery and periodontics.


 How to avoid the premature loss of a permanent tooth.
 Discover the clinical use of a various materials appropriate for the pediatric patient.
 Better determine when to involve a specialist and which discipline is appropriate.

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Dr. Najia Usman

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