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The Practice Transition of Dr. Grace Yum


This lecture will focus on both the planning and execution of Dr. Grace Yum’s practice transition journey. Now that the decision has been made, Dr. Grace Yum will detail how she took her plan and implemented it into reality. Learn about the actual process, start to finish, surprising things Dr. Yum learned along the way and what the finish line looks like.


1. Dr. Yum will discuss who you need on your team to make the transition as smooth as possible. She will go over the process on how to research the right people that will fit your needs.

2. If you want to learn how to sell a practice without using a broker, Dr. Yum will share her secrets on what she did to move her sale along without stalling, with the exception of the pandemic. She will share how she saved herself hundreds of thousands of dollars.

3. Dr. Yum will teach you how to identify your buyer and who the right fit is.

4. This lecture will also teach you the pitfalls of where your transition can stall out or where possible challenges may be and how to avoid them.

5. Dr. Yum will be sharing perspectives for both sides, buyer and seller, on what are the important non negotiables and what are items that can be let go.

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Dr. Grace Yum

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