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Turn Record Production Into Maximum Profit


The dental industry is now booming with business. Practices everywhere are experiencing record treatment acceptance figures. On the other hand, the cost of supplies and staff are on the rise, eating into the profits of what should be an excellent season for practice owners. Couple that with school closures, childcare constraints and overall uncertainty, it is important mommy dentists make the most of the limited time they have to ensure they efficiently manage their practice expenses to offer more time for work life balance. CPA Angie Svitak will evaluate the healthy range for expenses in dental practices across the nation and offer tips on how to keep your practice finances in line. She will guide attendees on how to maximize the profits from production while keeping focus on what matters most: to leverage this temporary boost in profits to set you and your practice and personal life up for future success.


Upon completion of this session, attendees will be able to:
-Better understand the finances in their practice
-Build a growth strategy around profit instead of production
-Evaluate the practice expenses that enable growth
-Discern when to expand or bring in an associate

Special Guest(s):

Angie Svitak, CPA

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