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Next Month or Next Decade – Always Have your Practice Staged for a Sale

  • Selling early, mid, and late career. Why is the “selling trend” so hot.
  • Why planning for a practice sale (now or in the distant future) produces financial security and accelerates financial independence.
    • Managing the presentation of your financials statements so they tell a positive story of your practice
    • The importance of a systems-run practice
    • The affects of in-network delta premier when selling your practice
    • Understanding how dental practices are valued
    • How to determine the net “take home” on the sale of your practice after taxes, debt, and selling expenses to help you intelligently take your next step life.
  • When and how to onboard associates that may become partners or acquirers of your practice.
  • Understanding the difference between a traditional sale to a private dentist vs a sale to a DSO/DPO. What it would mean for you.
Special Guest(s):

Wes Read, CPA, CFP

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