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Creating Strong, Beautiful, Healthy Women: Understanding Dentistry’s Power in Women’s Health


Do you feel like women are primarily misunderstood, and we, as healthcare specialists, are sometimes at a loss when treating our female patients successfully? The bio-identity of our patients is becoming more understood as science unravels the truth behind how each of us is more than our genetics. It is no longer about simply being a man or a woman. This powerful statement regarding the biologically born female body could not be more factual. Women’s health needs have long been overlooked in our country and globally. Studies have been made up of primarily men due to women’s complex hormones, and distinct differences given the life stage have complicated women’s studies. Finally, science has been called out to change this. Women, whether teenage girls, young women, mid life, or later in life woman make up different life experiences. Each stage of life undoubtedly affects our hormones differently; these chemical messengers impact many critical bodily processes, including oral health. Growth, metabolism, sexual function, reproduction, and our emotional/mental health are all a product of these messengers. Healthcare must consider these lived experiences when designing protocols to set our patients up for successful health outcomes. Oral health is a crucial ingredient in understanding a patient’s health risks. It can no longer be ignored when creating preventative or proactive measures in treating the leading causes of death and disability. It is also known that our dental patients are more likely to see a dental health care provider twice as often. It allows us to screen, educate and treat oral & systemic conditions within our scope of licensure. Women deserve and demand better care, and this first begins with understanding the myriad of what makes us who we are beyond our genetics. Well-being is living well, and we are the front-line workers capable of providing prevention and discovery of root cause disease. This course is full of comprehensive, scientifically rich proven strategies about health issues to help you as a preventative healthcare specialist to navigate through every stage of a biologically born female body. Empowering our patients to become healthier and better versions of themselves is what we, as healthcare providers, are created to be. By the end of the course, feel confident in better understanding that the journey of a woman is not linear; it is often interrupted by the cycles of life, such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, and utilize screening protocols that help discover the root cause of diseases that plague women more than men in part due to the lack of research understanding the female body.

  • A deeper understanding of oral & systemic health through stages of life: Thriving as we age
  • Dentistry’s role in prevention and treatment
  • Protocols that elevate patient care
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Machell Hudson-Hoover, RDH, FAAOSH

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