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Words Matter: Defining Key Terminology for Private Equity, DSO’s and Practice Sales


The landscape of dentistry has changed a lot over the past several years. Whether you are a solo practitioner planning to stay that way, a developing group or considering various management or selling options, it is critical to understand the language of business and the terms that may impact you. In this course, we will provide clear definitions, context, and important facts for some of the most common terms like EBITDA, valuation, multiple, recap, reinvestment, private equity and more. This is a great course for anyone who has been hearing many different terms thrown around and would like to learn more about what they will mean for their practice.

  1. Understand the key terminology used to value and sell businesses
  2. Understand the process to value their own practice and what variables affect value
  3. Gain knowledge about how the current industry landscape may affect their practice now and, in
    the future
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Kristen Cusack

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