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Introduction to Estate Planning


Ben will be discussing the current status of federal transfer tax laws and providing an overview of estate planning basic. Ben will walk through current laws, scheduled changes and the various estate planning vehicles most commonly used to achieve a client’s estate planning objective. This will be done through part lecture and part use of case studies.


1. Participants should be able to identify all three transfer taxes, current exemptions and projected changes
2. Participants will be armed with common mistakes seen in preparing such documents
3. Participants should know the difference between an ILIT, IDIT, BIDIT and other irrevocable trusts.
4. Participants should be able to identify the types of discount friendly planning and the pitfalls to be weary of based on recent cases.
5. Participants will be able to walk away with a set of questions to help clients how life insurance may answer the difficult questions they deal with when building a complete estate plan coupled with business-succession planning. They should be able to generally understand the types of products and funding mechanisms in the transfer tax context.

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Benjamin Kelly

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