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Prosthodontic Potpourri: The Day-to-Day Clinical Practice of a Specialist in Hygiene, Reconstructive Treatment, and the Dental Laboratory


Comprehensive prosthetic treatment begins with an impeccable hygiene visit/patient home care routine, followed by precise prosthetic procedures at the chair, and extensive behind the scenes laboratory work. This presentation will guide the audience through the day-to-day procedures and protocols implemented during each phase of the journey in order to gain a better understanding and mastery of materials, techniques, and various tools necessary to deliver successful long-term patient outcomes.


1. Review of the current materials and techniques available to the hygienist, prosthodontist, laboratory technician that can be utilized in the predictable delivery of fixed and removable treatment plans.

2. Apply concepts and techniques of oral hygiene, prosthodontic care, and dental laboratory communication to facilitate a seamless patient transition between each phase of treatment.

3. Determine the chairside/benchtop protocols that will ensure the highest quality final product at delivery and during follow-up visits to ensure successful patient outcomes.

Special Guest(s):

Dr. Miles Cone

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