CEO Roundtable 2021- New Date!


Mommy Dentists in Business: CEO Roundtable 2021

NEW Date:  May 6-7, 2021
Time: 7:30am-5:00pm
Location: 1242 N Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60622

**This event is invite ONLY! If you are interested in attending the CEO Roundtable, please email for instructions on how to attend. Paid members only!**


Mommy Dentists in Business is excited to present the MDIB CEO Roundtable! The CEO Roundtable is an opportunity for like minded successful MDIB to share best practices that push their business over the edge. Topics will include real estate, internet security, profits, losses and controlling overhead, and more! This event is for paid members only with room for only 25 doctors.

Wednesday Night Cocktail Hour

Time: TBD
Location:  TBD


Hotel Recommendation:

2018 W North Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

Phone: (872) 315-3050

The Robey is about a 5 minute drive or a 15 minute walk from the event location!


Event Speakers: 

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A little about Barbara Ellis Racic

Barbara Ellis-Racic, Senior Vice President of Corporate Real Estate Solutions, has over 25 years of experience negotiating complex real estate transactions in the asset classes of office, industrial and retail space. She joined Corporate Real Estate Solutions in 2001 to address an championing the interests of entities in the financial, healthcare, non-profit, and service and technology firm sectors in negotiations for leased and owned space. She has completed assignments for clients with unusual needs, including call centers, medical/dental space, showroom/workshop space, community based satellite offices, flex uses, and adaptive reuse such as studio spaces and retail converted to school uses. Barbara is active with Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW), The Breakfast Club, the ACA Business Club, the Small Business Advocacy Council, and Healthcare Practice Solutions. These organizations provide open forums for discussions that keep its members current on commercial industry trends. Ms. Ellis-Racic founded and chairs a networking group targeted towards the healthcare industry operating under the name Integrated Healthcare Alliance. In addition, she is active in non-profit organizations including Visceral Dance Chicago, the Orchestral Association of the Chicago Symphony, the Association of Fundraising Professionals- Chicago, and the Illinois MGMA, the Arts and Business Council and the Association of Consultants to Nonprofits. Ms. Ellis-Racic has served a Senior Instructor for SIOR (the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors), teaching designation level courses, and has appeared as a guest speaker for many industry groups, including The Chicago Dental Society, the Axelson Center for Nonprofit Management, the Rosalind Franklin School of Psychiatry, The Chicagoland MGMA, the Association of Accounting Administrators, and the Association of Legal Administrators.


Course Title: “The Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Commercial Real Estate”

Course Objectives:
So you would like to own real estate as an investment? Basics you should know.

In this segment, you will:

  • Explore motivations for making real estate investments
  • Key questions to help define the right real estate for you
  • Introduction to basic real estate vocabulary
  • What does a pro-forma look like?
  • Commercial loans, no they don’t function like mortgages
  • Life cycle of a real estate investment
  • How much does it cost to run this darn investment?
  • Key Takeaways to start investing.

Course Description:
As entrepreneurs, dentists often look to expand their holdings and their assets by investing in commercial real estate. In this educational session, you will explore: why you want to invest, what kinds of investments are available, how to invest (introduction to key terms and vocabulary), how to create a pro-forma, basics of commercial loans, fundamentals of leases/triple net/modified gross/full service, calculating your occupancy costs, life cycle of a real estate investment- the 4 stages, and who should be on your team. Bring your questions!  This interactive session will give you a great starting point for expanding your real estate portfolio.



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A little about Reese Harper 

President and CEO of Dentist Advisors, Reese Harper is a popular speaker at dental events and host of the Dentist Money™ Show podcast. He is a dental finance thought leader with a Masters in Finance along with CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™), CLU®, and CHFC® designations. Reese designed a powerful service platform called Elements®, which is used by Dentist Advisors to help dentists across the country plan, invest, and retire better.


Course Title: “The Truth About Your Money: Uncover Mistakes, Myths, and Math To Grow Your Wealth”

Course Objectives:

  • Learn how to organize your overall financial picture to help you make better decisions
  • Discover some of the biggest setbacks that plague dentists and learn how to avoid them
  • Identify which area of financial planning is your biggest opportunity for growth going forward
  • Decide where to put money at critical stages in your career to increase wealth
  • Analyze whether you should pay down debt, let it ride, or invest your money
  • Hands-on instruction with workbooks to leave you feeling more confident in your future

Course Description:

Come join Reese Harper, CFP® and learn how to increase your financial confidence so you can live your best life, today. Financial planning isn’t just about piling up cash for retirement––it’s about making decisions that allow you to live more fully in the present moment, while still protecting the integrity of your future. As the founder of Dentist Advisors, Reese has over 15 years experience working with Dentists at different stages of their careers and helping them make the most of what they have.



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A little about Victoria Peterson 

Victoria Peterson combines 30 years of dental entrepreneurial experience with a degree in Spiritual Studies to bring a refreshing approach to business. Victoria is the CEO & co-founder of Productive Dentist Academy, a four time recipient of Inc. 5000 fastest growing privately held companies. She has also been awarded 2013 Silver Stevie Female Entreprenuer of the Year. She is an advisor to Dental Entrepreneur Women (DeW) and on faculty with Dental Speakers Institute, and spends time each year in mission work in the Dominican Republic. Victoria can be reached: or 800-757-6077.


Course Title: “Soaring Above the Day-to-Day as CEO”

Course Objectives: 
Discover the freedom that comes from shifting your perspective and engaging inner wisdom:
• Stilling your Mind to Connect to Your Vision
• Aligning Business with Life Purposes
• Crafting Your Role as Owner and CEO
• Aligning Team with your Mission

Course Description: 
Most business classes in dentistry focus on practice management. The key word here is “management”, which deals with day-to-day tasking, short-term planning, and holding people accountabile. Effective CEO’s know how to empower the management team and get above the frey. This allows time for the true work of future casting the company.

  • Where do I see my practice in 3-5 years?
  • How will I deal with the industry changes?
  • When the time comes, what is my exit strategy for retirement?



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A little about John Riley 

John provides marketing strategy development along with helping dentists find untapped profit in their dental practices all across the country. He has over seventeen years of experience working exclusively with high-end, fee-for-service dentists to develop marketing campaigns that work. Helping dentists find true fulfillment, more time off and financial freedom in their practices. With his extensive background in consumer behavioral and motivational strategies, John has a unique ability to discover the marketing tactics that will work best for your unique situation. His clients consider him a valuable partner and key member of their teams, citing advice that is often counter-intuitive, yet proven by success. John’s specialized education is extensive, including behavior management and consumer influence studies with Ziglar Training Systems and Tom Hopkins International.


Broken up into a two part course:

Course Title: “”Increasing Internal Brand + Patient Conversion”: Discovering the True Power of Your Internal Brand Plus how to Enhance Your Team’s Communication to Increase Patient Conversion and Case Acceptance.”

Course Objectives: 

  • Identify the core reasons what makes you come alive each day and how to increase those ideal days which will bring more fulfillment in your practice.
  • Discover how your team has the opportunity to dramatically increase patient conversion by 20-30% + by “Setting the Stage for an Excellence Experience”.
  • Understand how to dominate your market over time with a proper Internal brand — “What the top dentists in the world know that others don’t.”

Course Description: 

How’s your “INTERNAL BRAND” that guides you TO DO WHAT YOU DO, not what you say you do? I’m not talking about a logo or marketing tagline, rather an internal brand that drives you and your team to increase your referrals because your patients have something to talk about. Just like Four Season Hotels. When you visit a Four Seasons, they give you something to talk about and you are willing to spend much more per stay because of the experience you had during the stay.  Capture your patients’ loyalty and increase your internal referrals by understanding and integrating your practice’s brand identity. Plus, how does your team share your clinical skill, CE, accreditations, awards received, and your passion for excellence when communicating with your patients and prospective patients? If they don’t do this properly (or at all), prospective patients can’t differentiate you vs. the Big Box dental clinics — the only separates is PRICE…and that’s a shame. And that’ll cost you thousands, tens of thousands. During this session, John will provide an objective framework to dramatically increase conversion by keeping your future patients from seeking your competitors. If applied over time, your phone conversion (and case acceptance) could see a 20-30% increase in conversion rate.



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A little about Stephenie Goddard 

Stephenie Goddard is executive vice president at Glidewell Dental, an industry-leading provider of dental laboratory products and services. Stephenie strategically leads new
business development, sales, customer experience, human resources and learning and  development. Since joining Glidewell in 2006, Stephenie has advanced through the ranks from vice president of human resources to vice president of business operations to her current role on the executive management team.

Committed to grooming the next generation of leaders, Stephenie has engineered three highly effective company initiatives. Under her guidance, Glidewell established LEAD, High Potential and the Executive Leadership Programs, which have produced exceptional talent for the company at all levels by providing educational development, management tools and leadership principles to promising team members. Stephenie is equally passionate about elevating women and pioneered a 12-month program offered through Glidewell that launched in 2019 for women dentists nationwide to cultivate additional voices of influence for the industry. She has further built on the Guiding Leaders brand and will launch a 2-day leadership and dental CE summit in April 2020. Stephenie obtained a bachelor’s degree from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and a master’s degree in industrial / organizational psychology from San Jose State University.


Course Title: “Empower the Way you Lead Through Awareness of Perceptions”

Course Objectives:

  • Recognize various perceptions of men and women in the workplace.
  • Identify emotional intelligence competencies and their impact on leadership.
  • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of how to overcome workplace perceptions.
  • Apply effective communication strategies to ensure successful conversations are intentional and

Course Description:
Today, we talk about the power of perception and how it plays into today’s work environment. Stephenie will discuss how women leaders can use the awareness and mindfulness of such perceptions to leverage how women are perceived by those around them, and use that leverage to make an impact. Harnessing perceptions begins with increasing one’s self-awareness, thereby allowing women to be intentional in the way they communicate with their staff and in the way they have important conversations.



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A little about Lee Painter

Lee is a Principal in the CLA Information Security Services Group. Lee has 18 years of experience in CyberSecurity and technology positions. As the Director of Threat Analysis/Network Forensics at Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command, Lee was responsible for the day to day protection and strategic vision for the defense of the world’s largest enterprise network. Transitioning to the private sector, Lee began working with Health Care organizations to improve their compliance and security posture through the proper implementation of internal controls. Serving large Health Systems, Academic Medical Centers and third-party vendors, Lee and his team have a deep understanding of clinical applications such as Epic, Cerner, AllScripts, and Point Click Care. Understanding those core clinical applications, as well as the supporting infrastructure and technologies that support patient care, allows the team to bring a comprehensive approach to the assessment of application level, system level, and organization level controls to validate the proper application of security controls.


Course Title: “CyberSecurity: Understanding the latest guidance from HHS”

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the characteristics of cybersecurity attacks in the healthcare industry.
  • Review and discuss best practices your organization can use proactively to defend against cyberattacks.
  • Understand the impact of the new guidance from Health Human Services on Cyber Security controls.

Course Description:
On Dec 28th 2018, HHS released new (voluntary) guidance on implementing CyberSecurity controls. This session is designed as a review of this new guidance and discussion of potential implementation solutions as it applies to small to medium sized providers. Although voluntary, this presentation will discuss the merits of the major control areas. In addition to a review of this new guidance, selected controls will be discussed as they apply to real world examples of how, when implemented correctly would have prevented or limited the scope and impact of specific data breaches.



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A little about Jennifer Pearce 

“Disrupting your status quo to create transformational team improvements!”
What a client said Jennifer Pearce did in his practice. Jennifer Pearce has been in dentistry 24 years- 18 years as a Practice Administrator and 4 as a Chief Operating Officer and Co-Owner of 2 dental practices with a dentist partner. She moved into coaching to help dentists and their teams love what they do and have a healthy synergy while doing it. Dentistry is rapidly changing and requires more diligence today to have a healthy balance. She would love to coach you and your team to love your practice, love your life!


Course Title: “Guts, Grit and Lipstick.  A Woman’s Perspective in Dentistry to Understanding Your Financials”

Course Objectives: 

  • Best categories to review on your P&L to begin understanding
  • How these categories help you control your overhead
  • What are healthy overhead %’s you need to know, tips for improving
  • You will leave feeling more confident in understanding your numbers and running your business

Course Description: 

We will review your Profit and Loss (P&L) and why it’s important to understand this financial document.  How understanding this document aids in understanding healthy overhead percentages? How do these affect your profit margin? How does this help you feel more secure in running your practice?

Bring a recent P&L with you to the meeting and you’ll leave with a basic understanding and tools to begin your financial business understanding in a safe fun and collaborative environment!



Breakout Session – Led by Dr. Grace Yum

Course Objectives: 

  • Hiring and firing “well”
  • Evaluating key performance indicators
  • Cultivating leadership within the dental practice

Course Description:

This breakout session is geared towards sharing best practices with one another, helping one another create implementation systems to take back to practices, and focusing on how to execute the best practices.